Teams of Leaders Training

Teams of Leaders (ToL) is an approach for rapidly building and effectively employing cross-boundary teams that are highly competent in making and executing decisions and in learning and adapting together. The ToL approach helps the leader-teams to gain a common understanding of the situation and requirements, develop shared purpose, trust and confidence, and reach a higher level of performance faster. Institutional implementation of the ToL process is the cornerstone of the development of Collaborative Command Teams™ which focus on the formulation of organizational intent, operational purpose, and the definition and supervision of mission execution.

This approach has proven successful in improving collaborative performance of both hierarchical (vertical) and peer-to-peer (horizontal) teams, as well as that of cross boundary teams, i.e. across units or departments within an organization, across organizations, across regions or across countries.

"NATO Innovation Hub Challenge - bioresponse"

We are pleased to announce that we have won Third Prize at the Innovation Hub Challenge 2022 sponsored by NATO - June 28, 2022. The team under the leadership of Dr. Dag von Lubitz presented a pitch based on our "Networkcentric Teams of Leaders" approach to training senior civilian and military leaders.  You can view the 6-minute presentation here.


Teams of Leaders Training Opportunities

Building shared skills (behaviors), knowledge, and attitudes, or shared SKA, drives high levels of adaptive leader-team performance. This leader-team development requires experiential learning based on repeated, coached and deliberate practice through Leader Team Exercises or LTXs.

A 10-12 hour workshop held over 1 - 2 days has proven to help organizational leaders learn and apply the approach. The Center provides such training at its premises in Michigan and Ontario and at conference workshops across North America. Please contact us for further information and consultation.

Workshop and Training Schedule

October & December, 2017 Strategic Plan - Team Workshop Working with the executive committee and membership of the Bone & Joint Institute (BJI) to develop their next five-year strategic plan.
This very successful musculoskeletal health research team has been using ToL methodology since our first LTX with them in 2010 and continues to build a major provincial, national and international interdiscilinary team fousing on education and research to ensure mobility throughout the lifespan.
London, ON
Commencing in October, 2014 and ongoing
Collaborative Project The Urbi et Orbi Project aimed at the re-development and rejuvenation of London, ON. The advanced visualization /distributed participation project is based on the collaboration of CCCL, the Emerging Leaders Group, London, ON, Canada, ENSAM Paris Tech, France, and University of Michigan, Dearborn, USA.
This project is also building the general VR platform for collaboration of participants in any location.
Canada, USA, France
Sept 2014 to April 2015 Team Workshops Emerging Leaders group London, ON
July 31, Aug 5, Sept 5 & 19, 2013 Team Workshops Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority - Maternal, Infant & Child Home Visiting Hub Saginaw, MI
Aug 15, 2013 Team Workshop Michigan Community Dental Clinics
Board of Directors
Traverse City, MI
Jan 30-31, 2013 Team Workshop Together We Can - Health Improvement Council Central Michigan, MI
Jan 29, 2013 Train the Trainer TWC/CCLH/CMDHD Central Michigan, MI
June 8, 2012 Team Workshop Isabella County - Health Improvement Planning Working Group Mt. Pleasant, MI
April 12, 2012 Team Workshop Together We Can Health Improvement Council Central Michigan, MI
May 3, 2011 Team Launch Clare-Gladwin Counties - Health Improvement Planning Working Group Clare, MI
March 30, 2011 Team Launch Isabella County - Health Improvement Planning Working Group Mt. Pleasant, MI
Jan 12-13, 2011 Team Launch Together We Can Health Improvement Council Central Michigan
Jan 10-11, 2011 Train the Trainer CCLH/CMDHD Mount Pleasant, MI
Aug 13-14, 2010 Team Launch Musculoskeletal Health Interdisciplinary Research (MHIR) Group London, ON
Aug 11-12, 2010 Train the Trainer CCLH/UWO London, ON
May 18-19, 2010 Train the Trainer CCLH/CMU Mount Pleasant, MI

Seminars and Conference Presentations

April 22, 2014 - Fifth Public Health Summit, Mount Pleasant, MI

  • The Impact of the Teams of Leaders Concept on Large Scale, Community-led Public Health Operations, Dag von Lubitz and Candace Gibson

May 1-3, 2013 - Communicate, Co-operate, Collaborate, Innovate (C3I): Generating Actionable Understanding in Crises and Disasters, Spencer Executive Leadership Centre, London, ON

  • The Second International Conference on Collaboration focused on the principles of collaboration among the broad range of private and governmental organizations forced to interact in the complex environment of our increasingly unpredictable world of local, national, and international politics, business, security, and social tension. The sub-theme of C3I was Crises and Disasters - the perfect example of exceedingly complex events capable of dramatically altering the fabric of entire societies, and where return of pre-crisis stability is possible only through the closest collaboration among all affected entities.

May 10-11, 2012 - Collaboration: Living Together, Working Together, Achieving Together, Spencer Executive Leadership Centre, London, ON

  • First Collaboration conference held in North America - The conference consisted of a series of morning lectures by distinguished representatives of the Canadian and US military, academia, healthcare, and government followed by a ToL workshop. Participants were introduced to, then guided in, the practical execution of essential ToL skills. The workshop was conducted by senior mentors involved in ToL development and implementation.

April 25, 2012 - Advances in Health Informatics, York University, Toronto, ON

  • Pre-Conference Workshop - Teams of Leaders: Improving Stakeholder Cooperation and Collaboration

November , 2011 - Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), Orlando, FL

  • Building Effective Leader Teams Faster, Mike Prevou, Bradley Hilton, Michael Hower, & Linda McGurn

October 19-20, 2011 - it Healthcare Conference & Exhibition, Toronto, ON

  • People, Technology, and Healthcare: Collaborative Leadership and the Teams of Leaders (ToL) Concept, Dag von Lubitz, PhD, MD (Sc) & Candace Gibson, PhD, CHIM

October 2-4, 2011 - 12th Annual National Outreach Scholarship Conference, MSU, East Lansing, MI

  • Building Teams of Leaders in Healthcare: Collaborating for Success, Candace Gibson, PhD, CHIM, Jessica Gardon Rose, PA, M.Ed, CGSP, Dag von Lubitz, PhD, MD (Sc) & Steven Berkshire, EdD, MHA, SPHR

April 2-3, 2011 - CMU UAEM Global and Local Health Disparities Conference, CMU, Mt. Pleasant, MI

  • Collaborating for Success – Building Teams of Leaders in Healthcare, Candace Gibson, Jessica Gardon-Rose, Frederic Brown, Mike Prevou, & Dag von Lubitz
  • Building the Together We Can Health Improvement Campaign in Central Michigan - Jessica Gardon Rose, Candace Gibson, Mary Kushion & Dag von Lubitz


"We have come further in two days than we had in eight months ... I feel more focused and more know when we talk about the volume of work that we had to do it was a little bit of a drowning sensation.. now I feel like I’m really confident...we have a path.”

MHIR Team Launch,
August 2010

  Teams of Leaders